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Step Up for Kids is embarking on a project to help strengthen families in our community: the creation of a centrally located facility in Prescott designed for parents to connect, learn and share while their children have a safe space to play.  We would be honored to have your insight to help us make our project a reality.

Step Up for Kids is a non-profit organization that works to connect and support parents in the Prescott area. We know that strong families are the foundation of a strong community, and when parents feel connected and supported, the outcomes for their children are improved.

Through this drop in center, parents will have access to community resources, information and education, including a resource information kiosk, parenting workshops, and family activities. In order to generate revenue to sustain the center, as well as make it a more attractive place to meet, we intend to create a café area in which baked goods and other refreshments are for sale.

We are in the beginning stages of this project. In addition to donating to seed this project, please stay tuned for specific asks as time goes on. We envision much multi-generational collaborative potential. 



Please let us know if you are interested in supporting this project by contacting Salli Maxwell, Step Up for Kids Director at or by calling (928) 458-6068. We would also like you to pass along this invitation to anyone else you believe should be involved in this project.


We look forward to working together to make Prescott a more supportive community for families.






















































































































































    The Founder's Wall is in the Works: Sign Up Soon!

     For information on how to become a part of this project,

    please contact Colleen Reckow at 231-690-5902 or email